gitmirror of hours
flyspraymirror of days
opusmirror of 3 months
cgitmirror of months
dns19 hours
dotfilesmy desktop config3 days
ansible_collectionUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.3 weeks
octodns-custom-providercustom sources/providers for octodns3 weeks
analog_instruments3 months
parquetTweaks and fixes for Minecraft7 months
reposyncScripts for juggling git repos7 months
phpipam-api-clientsUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.8 months
python-phpipam8 months
ltasklightweight remote script execution9 months
termgl10 months
minecraft-rconminecraft RCON client11 months
mcqtt11 months
minecraft-isekaiminecraft server management11 months
AsciiMapCreate ASCII art from bitmaps12 months
cgitcsscustom CSS for cgit12 months
kernel-weebing-project14 months
x-cycle-screen14 months
tree14 months
standardstuff14 months
minilinux14 months
minecraft-server-tools14 months
kompetenzbolzen.github.io14 months
kawaii-term14 months
ircd14 months
Intersil-ADC-Interface-on-AVR-ATmega814 months
headstripper14 months
gameoflife14 months
bbs14 months
AVR-Tacho14 months
avrFloppy14 months
ascedit14 months